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Best Cisco Industrial Switches Of 2021

The best Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) switches are still essential components for small and medium businesses, especially those with a large number of connected devices such as PCs, servers, printers, and other appliances all in the same network. They usually enable these networked devices to receive, process, and transfer data to their destination devices by ensuring a stable connection between all the components.

Modern businesses require fast and reliable network speeds that help them accomplish their operations effectively. Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches include secure, and easy-to-use tools designed to allow any business to prosper no matter the environment.

There is a wide range of Cisco IE series that match your budget and network size, whether it is a small network with multiple PCs or an extensive network with numerous network-attached devices. These Cisco IE series provide secure connectivity and the best-in-class Cisco IOS Software with advanced layer 2/3 features and industrial support protocol.

Why Choose Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Cisco IE series are built for rugged environments and designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. These advanced switches typically extend your Ethernet to connect to previously unreachable endpoints. They are easy to manage switches that adhere to the overall design, performance, and compliance requirements of an IT network.

So why should you consider Cisco IE series switches for your enterprise?

  • Security
  • Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches have robust security features, including software-based flow visibility and segmentation for security threat detection. A Cisco industrial switch will enhance security management with policy-based automation and assurance across all networks.

  • Scalability
  • The Cisco IE series make scaling easy with multiple management options. The Cisco software-defined access allows you to enable intent-based networking to the IoT edge. Also, you can efficiently manage the IoT network with the same tools used to manage the IT network like the Cisco DNA center. A business is able to scale quickly when it utilizes this automated Cisco software-centric approach.

  • Versatility
  • Cisco rugged switches are naturally versatile. They can be deployed in harsh environments with extreme conditions such as constant vibration, high temperatures, dust, and water. A Cisco IE switch can also operate both as router and switch running data link protocols as well as routing protocols.

  • Flexibility
  • As your business grows, network connectivity needs also increase. Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches help you meet any network requirements and future-proof your investments. They can be installed almost everywhere, especially in industrial, space-constrained, and outdoor environments.

    Check out the best Cisco industrial Ethernet switches to deploy in industrial environments for reliable and seamless connectivity:

    Industrial Cisco 2000 Series Switches

    They usually support industrial protocols such as PROFINET v.2 and IEEE 1588 and CIP (common industrial protocol). Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 series switches are resilient, ruggedized, easy to manage, and enhanced through the support of the industry protocol. Comprehensive features, including SSH protocol, storm control, and DHCP snooping, offer advanced security.

    They extend the Cisco catalyst technologies in most enterprise networks to industrial networks. Thus, superior security, voice, and video services are extended to industrial applications. These switches are typically fixed platforms that usually deliver layer 2 switching via Cisco IOS software. Industrial PoE/PoE+ allows Cisco IE 2000 switches to directly connect to various devices like IP phones and IP cameras.

    • Fixed DIN rail switches-20 ports maximum
    • 2 x 1 G combo uplinks and 15 x RE ports
    • 4 PoE/PoE+ ports maximum, up to 120W power budget
    • Layer 2/Layer 3 – limited features
    • Conformal coating
    • Wall mount and IP67 rated-maximum 24 ports with M12 interfaces

    Check our top model of Сisco industrial ethernet 2000 series switches offered on IT Yuda’s website:

    Industrial Cisco 3200 Series Switches

    The Cisco IE 3200 helps you accelerate your digital transformation while also upgrading your infrastructure to gigabit speeds. These switches just like Aruba 6100 48G CL4 4SFP or R8N87A Aruba 6000 switch are secure, fixed, and full-gigabit platforms usually managed with the Cisco DNA center. They are designed for space-constrained and high-power demand areas with their 8 PoE+ compact form factor.

    Additionally, they bring intent-based networking to the industrial use case. The scalable Cisco IE 3200 rugged series 8 port switch is optimized for power, size, and weight adapting it to the harsh environment. This also makes their integration into power- and space-constrained cabinet installations efficient. The 10 port gigabit Ethernet is effective for a wide variety of extended enterprise and industrial connectivity needs.

    • Layer 2 all gigabit platforms
    • 10 port Fixed DIN rail switches
    • 8 PoE/PoE+ ports-up to 240w power budget
    • Cisco DNA center for management

    Check our top model of Сisco 3200 industrial switches offered on IT Yuda’s website:

    Industrial Cisco 3300 Series Switches

    The Cisco IE 3300 rugged series switches offer multiple modules with fibre, copper, and PoE options. They have a modular and versatile design and features full gigabit Ethernet. Also, they are typically optimized for power, size, and performance. These series are expandable to a maximum of 26 ports in a compact form factor.

    The platform is flexible and can adapt to your advanced connectivity requirements to reduce complexity with just a single cable for power and connectivity. Their 24 ports PoE/PoE+ make them the ideal choice for powering Wi-Fi access points, sensors, and PTZ IP cameras. The Cisco IE 3300 rugged series switch can expand to 26 gigabit Ethernet ports and offers up to 10-gigabit uplinks for numerous connectivity requirements.

    • 26 port modular DIN rail switches
    • Layer 2/3 all gigabit platforms
    • 2 x 10 G Uplinks
    • Software-defined access (SD-Access) extended node
    • 24 PoE/PoE+ ports/4PPoE-360/460W Power budget
    • Cisco DNA center for management
    • Expansion modules for fibre, copper, and 4PPoE/PoE+

    Check our top model of Сisco 3300 industrial switches offered on IT Yuda’s website:

    Industrial Cisco 3400 Series Switches

    Optimize your network with these advanced gigabit Ethernet Cisco IE 3400. Their future-proof and modular design allows them to combine advanced features with full gigabit Ethernet. They are primarily optimized for power and size and efficiently bring intent-based networking to the industrial application.

    A Cisco IE 3400 switch supports advanced features for digital transformations. This makes them capable of time-sensitive networking, redundancy, and advanced security, ensuring reliability for mission-critical operations. They also have a die-cast chassis which suits them for harsh environments.

    • Up to 26 port advanced modular DIN rail switches
    • Layer 2/3 all gigabit Ethernet platforms
    • 24 PoE+/PoE Ports-480W power budget
    • Cisco DNA center for management
    • Cisco cyber vision and edge compute
    • Advanced security features and industrial protocols
    • Software-defined access policy extended node.
    • Fibre, PoE +, and copper expansion modules

    Check our top model of Сisco 3400 industrial switches offered on IT Yuda’s website:

    Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches usually have a pivotal role in connectivity-enabled enterprise transformation initiatives. Generally, Cisco is now the world-leading manufacturer of rugged industrial Ethernet switches, and it's also a leader in the adoption of advanced value-added network infrastructural developments. Cisco IE switches are widely used in manufacturing, roadways, and airports. With a Cisco platform, you are guaranteed to have improved uptime, lowered operating costs, and future-proofed investments.

    Build a manageable network at any time! Flexible, secure, and scalable switching in your industrial networks can only be met if you deploy Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches. When you extend your enterprise networks with these switches, your business is greatly transformed by expanding intent-based networking at the Internet of Things edge.

    Contact IT Yuda today to get the best and most reliable Cisco industrial switch that will enable you to unleash incredible IoT benefits and possibilities. When building an enterprise, the factors to primarily focus on include productivity and efficiency. Thus, with the appropriate foundations and building blocks such as Cisco IE switches, your business will be better positioned to improve security and customer service with outstanding communications!

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