Aruba Access Switches

Aruba Access Switches for Enterprises

Small businesses rely on switches to keep their networks functional and ease scalability as the business grows. Aruba is your go-to place for more intelligent, secure access switches that deliver consistent performance and high-speed access.

The Difference in Aruba Access Switches

Aruba Access solutions deliver unmatched performance and intelligence to your access points. SMBs can leverage extended peace of mind from efficient access switches. Some of the benefits from these bespoke switches include:

  • Simplified IT Operations
  • The switches’ consistent operator experience ensures that businesses have an easier time minimizing complexity within their operations. Besides, you also get access to a unified management system and simplified network design that keeps your systems simple. Aruba access switches also guarantee extended flexibility to deploy similar hardware and software solutions across different data points. You won’t need to source other solutions for your data center and edge access.

  • Automated and unified policy enforcement
  • Automation has become a key component of how SMBs manage their networks. Aruba CX allows users to apply consistent role-based policies across their networks through automated processes. Businesses also get to keep tabs on their traffic’s security and separation in real-time.

  • Amazing, always-on performance
  • A highly available access layer is essential for any business keen on delivering a top-notch user experience. With Aruba CX like Aruba 6100 24G 4SFP for example or Aruba CX 6000 24G 4SFP Switchbusinesses can leverage resilient access points that put a smile on their client’s faces. The multi-gigabit Ethernet offers industry-leading performance through its high-density 60W PoE rating – bottlenecks will quickly become a thing of the past.

    Find the right Aruba access switch for your business

    Aruba CX 6400 Series

    The Aruba 6400 switch series represents a class of modern switches that best serve edge access, core, and data centers. This modular enterprise switch series delivers unmatched operational efficiency, complete with resilience and built-in security. SMBs can leverage these switches as a foundation for stable networks.

    The CX 6400 guarantees matchless performance, especially on demanding data center networks. Users can enjoy up to 28Tbps with an 11.4pps switch. This highly versatile switch offers powerful flexibility with robust security and QoS.

    This switch series also delivers complete network configuration and assurance that simplify IT operations.

    Aruba CX 6300 Series

    The Aruba CX 6300 Series provides a modern and intelligent switch series for businesses to strengthen their aggregation, core, and enterprise network access. The 6300M series supports scalable performance through its robust architecture, ensuring that your network is secure for unpredictable demands.

    The hot-swappable power supplies and fans drive the scalable, high-performance 880 Gbps system switching capacity. This switch series delivers convenient built-in speed for users and IoT devices. SMBs can stack up to 10 switches that ease management while enabling scalable growth. Data centers with OOBM deployments can leverage the back-to-front airflows and power-to-port switch bundles.

    Users can also exploit diverse management choices on the fully programmable 6300F series. Whether you prefer cloud-based management, switch Web Gui, or on-prem Central, the switches’ REST APIs, and AOS-CX operating systems have got you covered.

    Aruba 5400 Series

    Branch and campus networks will reap big from the flexibility and scalability that the Aruba 5400 switch series delivers. This layer three modular also has a reputation for high-speed and high-capacity architecture—leverage innovative flexibility whenever you deploy this layer three switch performance.

    Complete with dynamic segmentation and VSF stacking, Aruba 5400 offers low latency for wireless traffic aggregation. Users will also find high-speed architecture from the HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports. The series’ versatile connectivity supports 1, 10, and 40GbE connections. Aruba 5400 is also ideal for 10GBase-T line cards.

    Are you looking to minimize your network’s downtime? Aruba 5400 offers Virtual Switching Framework Fast Software Upgrade and hot-swappable power supplies that guarantee consistent availability.

    Aruba 3810M Series

    SMBs can make significant strides with this layer three switch series that delivers consistent resilience and high performance. The Aruba 3810M switch series comes with HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports ideal for both IoT devices and high-speed access points. Leverage the value of resilience and low latency from its backplane stacking feature.

    Users can switch through various layer 2 and 3 offers, including policy-based routing, dynamic segmentation, robust QoS, OSPF, and IPv4 BGP. The Aruba 3810M offers redundant power supplies and backplane swapping technology that are ideal for simplified scalability.

    Businesses get a plethora of simple configuration and management options like the Aruba AirWave, switch GUI, and cloud-based Aruba Central. The switch’s wire-speed 40GbE and low latency complement its extended scalability options.

    Aruba 2930M Series

    Clients looking to benefit from HPE Smart Rate, multi-gigabit ports should opt for the Aruba 2930M series. This switch series creates a network that remains resilient in the wake of advanced traffic. Users get to enjoy minimized downtime thanks to its resilient, high PoE power and high-performance stacking. Mobile users will benefit from the series’ integrated wired and wireless approach. SMBs should not have a difficult time deploying and managing these switches that have a flexible modular design. With static, RIP, and access OCPF routing, the Aruba 2930M series makes a strong case for enterprise switches.

    Its 10-member backplane stacking complements the redundant power supplies to enable a flexible network growth solution. In regards to speed, users can leverage the 40GbE, 10GbE, and multi=gigabit Ethernet support that guarantees consistent high-speed access. If you’re working on the latest access points, you can count on the redundant power supplies that offer up to 1440W of IEEE 802.3bt PoE.

    Aruba 2930F Series

    The Aruba 2930F series is your best bet for a simple, secure, manageable enterprise-grade switch. This agile switch features convenient built-in uplinks complete with network management tools and advanced security. These switches also support mobile users thanks to their combined wired and wireless approach.

    SMBs can quickly add users and devices to their networks with the 8-member VSF stacking support. The layer 3 Ethernet switches deliver robust security, QoS, IPv6, ACLs, and RIP routing. You can also choose from the compact 8-, 12-, 24-, and 48-port Ethernet switches, ideal for any network conditions. These switches deliver up to 740W of PoE that supports IoT, access points, and IP phones. The Aruba 2930F comes with an innovative design that is ideal for cloud-based and on-premise management. This flexible management offer eliminates equipment rip as your network balloons.

    Partner with Aruba for efficient solutions that scale with your business and guarantee easy management. Contact IT Yuda to find everything you need to connect IoT devices users and Aruba access switches.

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