HPE/Aruba M series vs. F series

HPE/Aruba M series vs. F series

Aruba switches are an industry-leading edge access solution for many small and medium businesses. They are secure, scalable, feature HPE smart rate multi-gigabit ports for high-speed connectivity, and bring reliability and performance at the edge. The HPE Aruba 2930F switch series and Aruba 2930M series are typically designed for digital workplaces. You can easily manage and deploy these Layer 3 access switches with advanced network management and security tools. The modern Aruba programmable switches efficiently integrate with modern network management solutions, either on-premise Aruba airwave or Cloud Aruba central.

Product Overview

  • Aruba 2930M Switch Series
  • These 2930M series are typically Layer 3 switches designed for modern workplaces that are mobile-user optimized with integrated wireless and wired approaches. They can easily be managed with advanced network and security management tools such as Aruba AirWave, Aruba ClearPass policy, and Cloud Aruba Central. The 2930M switches deliver value, performance, and support models featuring 24 ports of Ethernet, robust QoS, OSPF, RIP, and static routing, 40GBE and 10GBE uplinks, 1440W PoE, and dynamic segmentation for secure and unified access. Uplinks, power, and modular stacking usually provide simplicity and scalability for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Aruba 2930F Switch Series
  • The Aruba 2930F switches deliver performance and value with support for robust QoS, POE+, SDN, 10GBE uplinks, Access OSPF, static and RIP routing. These Layer 3 2930F are specifically designed for customers developing mobile user optimized digital workplaces. Also, they can be easily deployed and managed with advanced network and security management tools, including Aruba ClearPass policy and Aruba AirWave. VSF (Virtual Switching Framework) usually provides simplicity and stacking edge for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Key Features

    You can future-proof your networking strategies with Aruba’s next-gen infrastructure. These network switches are designed to enable IoT, mobile, and cloud and deliver automation, performance, and built-in analytics to support the existing and future business requirements.

    Aruba 2930M Switch Series

  • High-performance access layer switches
  • The robust Layer 3 feature set entails static routing, Access OSPF, RIP routing, sFlow IPv6, and ACLs. These switches are designed with a power ProVision ASIC and support multiple programmatic interfaces such as OpenFlow 1.0 and REST APIs to automate network operations, troubleshooting, and monitoring. The 2930M series is optimized for digital workplaces with advanced management tools like the Aruba Airwave.

    They automatically provide optimal configuration when connected to Aruba access points for VLAN configuration, rogue access point containment, and Aruba APs. They are easy to use and delivers improved security and performance for small and medium-sized businesses. The HPE smart rate multi-gigabit models usually support high-speed access points over the existing cabling.

  • Performance and power at the edge
  • This 2930M series provides increased performance with memory buffering and selectable queue configuration that meet your unique network application needs. RPS support facilitates power redundancy and a maximum of 10 chassis stacking with failover automation that improves network resiliency.

    Also, powerful Aruba ProVision ASIC enables the 2930M series to offer adaptive power usage, increased packet buffering, and low latency. These switches quickly scale to 1440W and support redundant PoE power for wireless APs, phones, and cameras. For the high-power PoE models, they can deliver a maximum of 60W per port.

  • Security and QoS-quality of service you can rely on
  • To effectively protect your data from any attack and meet the dynamic corporate compliances and policies, the aruba2930M series are designed with QoS and security features. They include robust security controls such as MAC address lockout, port security, source port filtering, SSL, and TACACS/RADIUS.

    Aruba 2930M switches have integrated authentication options that enhance policy-driven and security application authentication, including standards-based security protocols like web authentication. The dynamic segmentation offers port-based, and user traffic tunnelling to a mobility controller to apply policies, encrypt traffic for network protection, and extend services to IoT devices and users.

    Aruba 2930F Switch Series

  • High-performance access layer switches
  • The 2930F series is typically optimized for digital workplaces with unified management tools such as the Aruba airwave and Aruba ClearPass policy manager. This series provides security, performance, and ease of use for SMB networks. Also, 2930F switches offer optimal configuration automatically when connected to Aruba access points, rogue AP containment, and VLAN configuration.

    Aruba 2930F switch series features IPv6 that requires no software licensing and the robust layer 3 feature set encompasses ACLs, RIP routing, Access OSPF, and sFlow. They deliver the right-size network performance through the inbuilt PoE+ models, 10GBE/1GBE uplinks, and stacking with VSF.

  • Performance and power at the edge
  • You can increase performance with the selectable queue configuration and memory buffering to meet your specific network application needs. To enable the mobile campus with low latency, adaptive power optimization, increased packet buffering, and low latency, the 2930F series has a powerful ProVision ASIC in its structure.

    These switches support 740W internal PoE+ power for the wireless access points, phones, and cameras. VSF typically virtualizes a maximum of 8 physical switches into one logical device, more agile, and simpler networks.

  • Security and quality of service you can rely on
  • The 2930F series features flexible authentication options that include standards-based security protocols like MAC authentication, Web authentication, and 802.1X, which improves security and policy-driven authentication procedures.

    Also, they include robust multi-level security controls such as RADIUS, port security, MAC address lockout, SSL. Aruba 2930F switches, just like Aruba 6100 24G 4SFP or Aruba 6000 12G CL4 2SFP 139W Switch, have security and QoS specs for building a network that meets the evolving compliances and corporate policies while effectively protecting your data from any potential attacks.

    Top Models

    Aruba 2930F Switch Series

    The Aruba 2930F Switch Series is ready for innovative software-defined networking applications with OpenFlow support and is typically a Layer 3 switch model with virtual switching framework stacking that provides scalability and simplicity. Below you will find the list of the most top-rated Aruba switches presented on ityuda.com:

    Aruba 2930M Switch Series

    Aruba 2930M switch series offer a cost-effective and convenient access solution that can be efficiently set up with simple zero-touch deployment. You can also quickly set up a remote office with or without IT support which is enhanced by the Aruba cloud-based support. Check our top model-Aruba 2930M series switches offered on IT Yuda’s website:

    Aruba switches are designed to solve the challenges of the IoT and mobile cloud era, where security, automation, and visibility are critical aspects. These HPE Aruba switches are a game-changing innovation as they come with built-in security aspects tailored explicitly for IoT and mobile.

    The integration with the Aruba ClearPass policy manager provides advanced connectivity and security management. It’s crucial to invest in networking infrastructure that can handle massive traffic and meet growing app, user, and device demands without any challenges. The primary benefit of the Aruba networking technology is to save on time and funds for SMBs. So, it’s a good idea to focus on building your networking infrastructure with innovative Aruba switch models.

    A secure and more intelligent edge is closer than you can imagine! Here is how we bring performance and intelligence to the access layer of your network. The Aruba 2930F and 2930M switch series are among the best access switches for any SMB when connecting IoT devices, users, and WIFI access points. Get the ideal solution that can be deployed and managed with ease and scales with your business. Here at IT Yuda, we understand that the most dynamic customer experiences occur at the edge; that's why our primary goal is to provide innovative solutions that harness data at the edge for the best business outcomes.

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