Aruba CX Switches

Getting Started with Aruba CX Switch Series

Aruba switches represent top-notch network switches that are ideal for enterprises. This switching portfolio works suitably for cloud, mobile, and IoT devices. Aruba CX switching offers the perfect gateway for any organization looking to transform its operator experience.

With these robust network switches, businesses can simplify their daily network operations. Aruba switches offer diverse network capabilities, allowing you to connect users securely.

Create a modern network that connects, protects, and simplifies

Today’s businesses require robust network solutions that can meet their ever-growing needs. Ideal network switches deliver built-in analytics and intuitive management tools to ease your network management.

Aruba Access switches can help you cut the complexity of IT while connecting your teams intuitively. Your IT professionals will reduce the time spent troubleshooting and minimize downtime. Besides, these switches create the perfect foundations for your ever-evolving business needs. Aruba switches offer an extensive performance range complete with modular flexibility that supports diverse deployments.

The Difference in Aruba Access Switches

Aruba Access switches offer a more innovative, faster way of managing networks. This portfolio provides a single operating system that simplifies network management. Users can efficiently deliver a consistent operator experience on the simplified network design.

Aruba switches let you use similar hardware and software solutions throughout your network. With these switches, your team can guarantee continuous network uptime even during upgrades.

Aruba's access switch also delivers automated solutions that enhance efficiency while guaranteeing error-free configurations.

With Aruba access switches, your team will enjoy real-time, network-wide visibility. The Aruba Network Analytics Engine empowers you to troubleshoot and resolve issues before they lead to considerable downtime.

Find the Right Switch for Your Enterprise

Aruba CX 6400 Switch Series

The Aruba CX 6400 switch series represents a modern class of high-availability switches. These intelligent switches are ideal for diverse applications, including edge access, core systems, and data centres.

This series comes with built-in resilience and security as a foundation for high-performing networks. Aruba 6400 switches run on the database-driven operating system, AOS-CX, which simplifies your IT operations by automating critical and complex network tasks.

With its Python scripting capabilities, REST APIs, and modular architecture, the AOS-CX delivers complete network configuration and assurance to users. The CX 6400 has dependable always-on performance, ideal for demanding data centre networks.

Users can leverage high-performance switching with up to 28Tbps. This flexible network switch series guarantees powerful modular layer three switches that deliver robust security and QoS. CX6400 also offers versatile, high-bandwidth connectivity along with future-proof high connection speed.

Aruba CX 6300 Switch Series

The Aruba CX 6300 switch series (both Aruba 6300M and Aruba 6300F) represents a modern and flexible class that works perfectly for top-of-the-rack deployments. This switch series delivers a robust, distributed architecture. Users get to enjoy high-speed uplinks complete with multi-gigabit Ethernet.

These versatile network switches work ideally for cloud, mobile, and IoT applications. The Aruba CX 6300 offers layer three switching that comprises BGP, EVPN, VRF, OSPF, and VXLAN, along with robust security. With this high-performance, companies can leverage up to 880 Gbps system switching capacity.

Besides, the scalable switch guarantees throughput and redundant power supplies that maintain high-performance levels. The switch’s high-density SFP+ backs up its built-in wire-speed uplinks. Every port features HPE Smart Rate multi-gig with 60W PoE.

The Aruba CX 6300 also features the Aruba Virtual Stacking Framework (VSF) that simplifies scalable growth for users. OOBM and ToR deployments will reap big from the power-to-port switch bundle that also has seamless back-to-front airflow.

This fully programmable 6300 series delivers flexible network management capabilities. Users can choose from diverse network management options, including on-prem and cloud-based Central, switch Web Gui, REST APIs programmability, and CLI.

Aruba CX 6200 Switch Series

SMBs, campus networks, and enterprise branch offices can make the most of the Aruba CX 6200 switch series. The cloud-manageable access switch delivers powerful, built-in analytics that eases your network management protocols. Users can leverage automated troubleshooting that minimizes downtime while guaranteeing reliability.

This enterprise-class access layer is secure and supports both ACLs and robust QoS. Your team could also use standard network protocols like Access OSPF and static routing to deliver top-notch connectivity. CX 6200 has built-in 1/10GbE uplinks that streamline connections for different environments.

The available Aruba Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) simplifies your growth initiatives. This network switch series also delivers built-in SFP ports that offer speeds of 1GbE and 10GbE while streamlining network growth.

Aruba CX 6200 switch series offers a flexible management capability ideal for multi-talented IT teams.

Aruba CX 6100 Switch Series

Mid-market enterprises and SMB networks looking for entry-level access switches will get their money’s worth from the Aruba CX6200 switch series. This class of switches delivers top network performance, simplicity, and robust security for clients.

The layer two switch series has enough PoE to power IoT devices along with 10GbE uplinks. Users can leverage the robust QoS, IPv6, and ACLs available on this high-performance switch. The Aruba 6100 48G CL4 4SFP and Aruba 6000 12G CL4 2SFP 139W Switch have a fanless 12-port model with high-speed uplinks that power IoT devices and access points.

Users can either opt for the REST APIs and AOS-CX operating system or switch Web GUI on management. Alternatively, you could also settle for the on-prem and cloud-based Central.

Aruba CX 4100i Switch Series

Are you looking to power your enterprise network for harsh spaces? The ruggedized Aruba CX 4100 is your best bet. This simple, secure, and fast Ethernet solution is ideal for parking lots, industrial areas, and warehouses.

The switch comes with robust protection that offers high tolerance for constant shocks and vibrations. Business owners can power devices seamlessly with this high-performance Layer 2 switch that supports static routing and robust QoS.

Choose from multiple management options, including:

  • Switch Web GUI
  • Aruba NetEdit
  • AOS-CX operating system
  • Aruba Central

The CX4100 switches let you maintain network connectivity in spaces with operational temperatures from -40C to 70C. This compact and powerful network switch delivers versatile deployment. You can choose between the 24 port 1U rackmount and 12 port DIN rail mount models. Both the options come with built-in high-speed 1/10GbE uplinks.

Aruba switches deliver security, performance, wireless integration, and value through innovative technologies that form the wired network foundation for enterprises, SMBs and branch offices. Discover our switching portfolio purpose-built for cloud, mobile, and IoT. At IT Yuda, our main goal is to provide innovative solutions that harness data at the edge for the best business outcomes.

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