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Creating Safe & Flexible Spaces for a Transformed Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly a shock to the system for many companies. As workers moved from the office to the home office, IT security, and specifically server security, became a focus for many small and medium enterprises. IT professionals could no longer rely on firewalls, and the switch to home offices certainly had its challenges.

IT professionals had to move fast to protect remote users and devices and ensure that applications and data were secure and accessed outside the standard network. Depending on the company and available assets, some businesses had to deal with a mix of personal computers and company assets. It was a worst-case scenario from an IT security perspective, and many small and medium enterprises were scrambling.

That is where HPE comes in, and their Gen10 server security provides an easy to set-up secure environment for both in the office and at the home office. HPE knew that the next series of threats would be complicated and could work around traditional IT security perimeters. The move to home offices only showed off their newest tech and how it could handle even the most complex server demands.

Let’s jump into how HPE creates safe and flexible virtual spaces for your company to work on, no matter where you are calling in from for your Zoom meeting!

HP Server Security

When it comes to HPE Gen10 server security, it is hard to find a better HP Proliant server for your enterprise. The company has spent the time to ensure that its user experience is top-notch while not sacrificing security. HPE’s focus on the end-user has allowed it to flourish in the IT security niche, unlike other server companies. HPE Gen10 is simply the best option on the market today; no other competitor comes close to the features, services, and support that these next-generation servers deliver. Here are some of the features that the HP Gen10 servers can provide for clients and users.

Silicon Root of Trust

HPE Gen10 servers include an exclusive silicon root of trust for secure implementation. This feature consists of a three-step authentication process that ensures that your firmware code is valid and uncompromised. The checks happen between the hardware, firmware and system to ensure that only valid firmware can boot.

A Secure Supply Chain

No matter the type of business you are in, your supply chain is essential for your business’s success. With HP Gen10 servers, the risk of exposing your supply chain to counterfeit materials, untrustworthy components or malicious software embedded in products is significantly reduced. Besides, Gen10 servers can help develop BIOS, management firmware and ASIC in-house, which you can't get with any of the main competitors. Plus, the Gen10 server security even works when the server is powered off with an onboard chassis intrusion detection kit that sends an HPE ILO audit alert if the hood is removed from the server.

Runtime Firmware Verification

The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server includes powerful and exclusive runtime firmware to protect your server while operating. Unlike the other guys, HPE DL380 Gen10 servers provide in-house firmware and BMC, daily runtime firmware checks and all essential firmware is validated at boot. No more question marks, and no more wondering. With HP servers, you are covered from boot to boot.

Sever Restoration with Ease

HP servers make things easy to get back on track in the unlikely situation that your HPE servers have been compromised or breached. First and foremost, the servers allow for the automotive recovery of essential firmware. Using the HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition License, users can access and recover the previously known suitable state firmware. Further to this, users can retrieve the firmware configuration settings, the host environment and the operating system. It is a process, but a process that IT professionals can accomplish quickly, rather than take hours or even days.

IT Infrastructure Security Solutions

The suite of HP ProLiant Gen10 servers is second to none in terms of security and defence against potential threats. As the workplace has experienced changes, the threat to the network has only increased. No longer can you rely on firewalls to keep out malicious actors, and HP is at the forefront of security innovations to ensure your server is safe, secure and operating at peak performance.

Unlike other options, HP servers guarantee that your server is transformed from a normal server to an intelligent server. HP takes the time to ensure that your server is updated for the latest cyber threats. Plus, with intelligent data protection, your server can integrate and transform your data to make a move from the office to the home as easy as possible.

HP is taking the extra steps to ensure that its clients can close IT security gaps. HPE has partnered with Ponemon Institute to identify the most significant challenges to IT professionals around the world. The partnership has allowed HPE to develop and publish seven best practices to help close these security gaps. Whether you are new to the IT security world or a seasoned professional, these best practices will help you stay up to date with the constantly changing threat landscape.

As one of the top server hardware suppliers in Canada, the team at IT Yuda is here for any questions that you may have about HP servers in Canada. We have built thousands of servers over the years and have the expertise to guide you through the sales process, no matter how complicated your IT setup is. Our experts are always here to help you. Whether you are looking for a server upgrade or want to know how HPE servers can help your SME, we are here for you as an official HP supplier! Give us a call, and let’s see how HP servers can help give your enterprise the security boost it deserves.

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