Network Infrastructure Upgrade

5 Reasons Your Network Infrastructure Needs an Upgrade

If you rely on older network infrastructure, it's time to focus on its upgrade! Updating software and hardware components in the IT department and the network infrastructure is one of the most significant changes many organizations make when adopting new technologies. Therefore, infrastructure upgrade is essential, especially for business organizations that want to stay competitive in the current business arena.

Your network systems should be upgraded every few years to accommodate any beneficial changes in the systems. There are multiple reasons to consider an upgrade, including:

  • A growing business: As the business expands, your needs become more significant, which necessitates a network upgrade to address them.
  • Space and data consolidation: Network upgrade allows you to implement technologies like virtualization that typically enable you to Network issues: The need for infrastructure upgrades often comes due to problems with the existing network.
  • Legal mandates: small and medium businesses usually use networks that incorporate the latest security features necessitating regular network infrastructure upgrades.
  • Insufficient bandwidth and security breaches
  • Inconsistent IT systems and slow running applications
  • Security, mobility, experiences, and infrastructure are the most common network challenges. Your network infrastructure is basically the core element to strengthen your organization, make it faster and successful. Perform a complex onsite technology assessment in your organization and upgrade to a network that is designed for the future.

    Here are the primary benefits and reasons why you should now focus on replacing your ageing network infrastructure:

    1. Innovative Solutions

    Upgrading to advanced network infrastructure facilitates cloud computing, a new development that may not be supported by older network infrastructure. Cloud computing is effective if the underlying network infrastructure is stable and fast. Innovative cloud-based networking solutions are quickly transforming the networking industry.

    Aruba central system and Intelligent Edge are one of the options to invest in modern innovative solutions instead of spending money and time maintaining the existing system. These technologies offer cost-effective enterprise-grade management, unlike other systems.

    Aruba central is typically an intelligent technology that's secure and provides easy monitoring of Aruba switches and Aruba instant apps. System management and monitoring can be performed using the app or desktop. This system provides advanced analytics, ensuring your business has accurate data, which facilitates intelligent decision-making.

    Apart from the unified network management, Aruba central ensures simple deployment and optimization of wired, WAN, and wireless platforms. The outstanding features of the Aruba system it the ideal edge-to-cloud solution for revolutionizing your network management. Your business is likely to benefit from streamlined network operations, automated device security, advanced analytics, and advanced control from anywhere offered by Aruba central.

    2. Data Management

    Network upgrade offers many benefits, such as timely resolutions of your needs and shorter turnaround times, thus speeding up all your processes. In addition, the network and IT systems in your organization should effectively provide solutions to issues such as round time trip (RTT) and obstruction in IP connections and TCP.

    All these operations need to be faster by efficiently handling the massive data exchange by the network solutions. Subsequently, network traffic is quickly increasing with the ongoing digital transformation, and the existing infrastructure won't cope with the trend. Your business infrastructure should efficiently process high volumes of data with fewer delays.

    3. Double-down on Security

    Older network systems are susceptible to more sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks. This shows that there's the need to transition to a more robust infrastructure that has the potential to protect your business from all threats. The latest and modern infrastructure significantly helps save your business from online attackers and improves the monitoring capability.

    For instance, when you upgrade your network infrastructure, intelligent sensors and enforcers are integrated into your system hardware (such as the switches, wireless solutions, and routers), providing enhanced visibility everywhere. So, it’s riskier to keep on using outdated networking equipment as you create network vulnerabilities that could bring down your network or the entire business.

    4. Servers Management

    Regular infrastructure upgrades to modern networking system components lead to better server management. However, your business will experience little growth and innovation if you spend most of your time troubleshooting and managing ageing network servers instead of growing the business.

    Switching to modern network infrastructure drastically boosts and simplifies all management processes, deployments, and operations.

    Modern HP servers rarely have bugs and inefficiencies, so they require less maintenance time and attention when compared to older servers. Also, introducing new technology to older network infrastructure strains them, which calls for more attention on proper maintenance. 

    5. Wireless Integration

    Currently, Wi-Fi services are shifting from being ‘impressive bonuses’ to a basic requirement. Due to the need to integrate wireless features into network infrastructure, many businesses upgrade their networking equipment.

    Routing your networking equipment enhances security, reliability and improves their service delivery through Wi-Fi connection. The wireless infrastructure uses management software that quickly detects rogue access points and reports valuable usage statistics.

    Sticking with outdated network infrastructure won’t let you adopt the fast-developing technologies in the world today. It would help if you had reliable and updated networks for better performance, productivity, and organization growth. Network infrastructure upgrades will typically improve your business operations; that's why every growing enterprise should consider the advancement now!

    However, before starting an upgrade, you must clearly understand why your infrastructure requires it. Depending on the established upgrade needs, the network architects hired may carry out the project in an exceedingly different way.

     Organizations determined to gain a competitive edge and are also focused on offering exceptional services to their customers always value critical IT infrastructure upgrades. Outdated infrastructure tends to experience performance issues because of the huge workloads it handles. This may result in slow operations or a complete halt in some functions. Thus, an upgrade is ideal for increasing productivity and ensuring your infrastructure can efficiently handle your business workflows while staying safe from attackers. Contact IT Yuda to get more information on the latest IT products that will take your system to the cloud, transforming all your networking components, including servers, hardware, and storage. We are among the best networking equipment suppliers with factory-sealed brand products at affordable prices. Our products range from HP Proliant, Aruba switches, like Aruba 6100 48G CL4 4SFPAruba CX 6000 24G 4SFP SwitchR8N89A Aruba 6000 switch or Aruba 6100 24G 4SFP HPE smart memories, HPE SAS drives, etc. Our team is always ready to help all our customers at any time.

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