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R8N87A - Aruba 6000 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP 370W Switch

by Aruba
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Aruba R8N87A CX 6000 Switch Overview

Mid-size enterprises, small businesses, and branch offices are increasingly adopting the Aruba CX 6000 Switch series as a cutting-edge entry-level access switch. The R8N87A CX 6000 Switch is designed to provide simple, reliable, and optimally secure access, delivering cost-effective and convenient access solutions to users. It is compatible with use in tandem with mobile, cloud, and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Aruba ASIC architecture serves as the foundation for the R8N87A Aruba CX 6000 switch. It runs on the AOS-CX operating system; a programmable system implemented across the entire series to provide an efficient and consistent experience for its users.

The Aruba R8N87A CX 6000 switch is fitted with in-built uplinks with Class 4 PoE support ranging up to 370W. This can support IoT applications and devices such as wireless APs, security cameras, and so on. This switch series is easily installed, deployed, and used, providing users with flexible options regarding how they wish to integrate it with their network environment and business parameters.

Features of the Aruba R8N87A CX 6000 Switch

Several features and design characteristics make the R8N87A Aruba CX 6000 Switch desirable. These include:

Greater Power and Performance

Due to the fact that the Aruba R8N87A CX 6000 Switch comes with greatly enhanced Ethernet gigabit connectivity capabilities as well as optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, it is a viable solution for SMB networks and executive branch offices looking for reliable and convenient entry-level wired access connectivity.

Using the Aruba AOS-CX system operating through Aruba CX platforms in addition to access-to-core-to-data center domains gives users a more efficient, more straightforward experience.

The R8N87A Aruba 6000 switch comes with fully-managed business class switches that offer users Layer 2 capacities, including support for ACLs, static routing, sFlow, traffic prioritization, IPv6 support, and robust Quality of Service (QoS).

It has built-in 1 Gigabit uplink, approximately 370W worth of Class 4 PoE, and right-size deployment options capable of supporting 48, 24, and 12 port 1U models for optimal convenience.

No subscriptions or switch software licensing requirements apply to these systems, making ownership much simpler.

Power and Performance

Aruba CX 6000 systems are configured to work with Aruba ASICs in order to provide increased packet buffering, adaptive power consumption, and low latency.

The system allows users to deploy IoT devices and wireless access points using the R8N87A CX 6000 switch capable of supporting Class 4 PoE for up to 370W at highs of up to 30W for every port.

The Aruba R8N87A CX 6000 comes with up to four in-built 1 Gigabit uplink that eliminate bottlenecks that hamper speed at the junctions where device and user connections occur.

User-Friendly Management and Configuration

Using industry-standard CLI, user-friendly Web GUI, or Aruba NetEdit, Aruba CX 6000 operators are provided with the flexibility to simplify and manage their system configurations.

The CX 6000 NetEdit application brings users the automation that makes it possible for them to implement lightning-fast changes across their entire networks and provides verification for policy conformance in the wake of network updates.

With REST APIs defined using proprietary software, the system can deliver fine-grained programming capabilities when handling network tasks.

The system helps reduce the burden on IT departments by mitigating the manual tasks involved during the deployment stages or when the time comes to accommodate moves, changes, and additions. It accomplishes this through the use of local MAC Authentication (LMA) and local user roles.


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