Aruba 8400 Switch Series

The last few decades in networking have been defined mainly by static and closed networking solutions designed for the client-server era. Today Aruba 8400 switch series is a game-changing solution offering an innovative approach to dealing with the new application, security and scalability demands of the mobile-cloud and IoT era. The Aruba 8400 Series extends its intelligence in the mobile-first architecture from the network edge to the core with the modern and fully programmable ArubaOS CX operating in the carrier-grade chassis. It offers a maximum of 19.2 Tbps switching capacity on a fully resilient design that comprises fans, power, management, and redundant fabric.

The ArubaOS CX is a modern and advanced software system that typically simplifies and automates complex and critical network tasks. They usually facilitate zero service disruption and deliver enhanced fault tolerance during unplanned/planned control-plane events. These switches offer 100 GbE, 40 GbE, 25 GbE, and 10 GbE in a modular chassis.

Aruba 8400 Switch Series - Key features:
  • High-performance 1.2Tbps per slot
  • Advanced layer 2 and layer 3 feature set including OSPF, VRF, EVPN, BGP, and IPv6
  • Compact 8U chassis with 10/25/40/100GbE line-rate connectivity
  • Aruba CX mobile APP for one-touch deployment
  • Dynamic VXLAN for deep segmentation in campus networks and data centers
  • AOS CX enhances programmability and automation using built-in python scripts and REST APIs.

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Check out Aruba 8400 price and available models below:

  • JL375A - Aruba 8400 8-Slot Chassis 3xFan Trays/18xFans/Cable Manager/X462 Bundle
    $26,995.00 CAD

    JL375A - Aruba 8400 8-Slot Chassis 3xFan Trays/18xFans/Cable Manager/X462 Bundle


    HPE Aruba 8400 8-slot Chassis - Switch - rack-mountable - with 3 x Fan Trays, 18 x Fans, Cable Manager, X462 2-post Rack Rail Kit Aruba is endin...

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    $26,995.00 CAD