Three Reasons to Choose HPE ProLiant Servers

Three Reasons to Choose HPE ProLiant Servers

HPE ProLiant server is a server computer system with multiple advanced features such as iLO management, 8-socket systems, and hot-swap components. HPE ProLiant server is the most secure server that provides the agility of modernized infrastructures and security to protect all your digital assets. Building an IT network that functions effectively, from the most basic services to the complex workloads you choose to run, is critical for your business.

HPE ProLiant servers are the ideal solution to the common challenges associated with IT infrastructures. They are unique, award-winning, affordable, and market-leading servers backed up by powerful AI analytics platforms.

For many years, HPE ProLiant servers have been used by businesses that work hard on building and expanding their IT infrastructure. They are not only designed for longtime use and efficiency, but they are also rigorously tested for quality assurance and are fully customizable.

Top Features of HPE ProLiant Servers

When you decide to upgrade your business network, you have to ensure you make the right choice. Here are the top three features that make the HPE Gen10 servers the perfect option for any business that’s ready to grow and excel.

  • Quality iLO5 Management
  • HPE iLO5 in HPE ProLiant servers offers powerful tools to efficiently manage your server, quickly resolve issues, and keep all your business operations running at any location. You can securely manage the entire server easily as the HPE ILO features the most recent innovations in simplified processes, security, and performance.

    The iLO5 for Gen10 Servers comes with advanced features, such as double memory, making it more responsive and quicker. Its interface has been effectively revamped to provide more details while its AMS has entirely been adopted by HPE, therefore, bypassing the need to load any operating system agents.

  • Xeon Scalable CPUs
  • HPE recently updated its ProLiant servers by introducing new processors. The 2U HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server features the first and second-generation Xeon Scalable Processors with a maximum of 70% performance increase, 27% core increase, and HPE Smart Memory, which supports 3TB. This enables the HPE ProLiant servers to deliver optimal results with greater scalability, expandability, and performance.

    For faster performance, each of the two Intel Xeon processors has six memory channels. Every channel has two memory modules, making 12 memory modules controlled by a single processor and 24 memory modules for the two-processor configuration. The CPUs have been split into Bronze, Platinum, Silver, and Gold instead of the complicated system used in the previous generations. The two Intel Xeon processors from the Silver to Gold families can be effectively installed in the HPE ProLiant servers.

  • Strong Security
  • HPE ProLiant servers are designed with multiple differentiating security technologies offered only by HPE. HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers have advanced security protection known as the silicon root of trust.

    Implementation of the unique root of trust ensured that the HPE server critical firmware is anchored to the iLO5 silicon. This is an immutable fingerprint that usually verifies the validity of every firmware code.

    Before the server OS boots, millions of firmware code lines usually run. The credibility of the system firmware is checked every 24 hours for verification through the Runtime Firmware Validation supported by the HPE iLO advanced premium security editions.

    Secure recovery enables the HPE server firmware to reset to factory defaults or rolls it back to the good initial state after detecting any compromised codes. Limiting the security function to the firewalls alone isn't enough.

    Let's check out the industry-leading HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server that delivers world-class performance and supreme versatility for multiple environments.

    HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server specs make it the world’s famous and best-selling HPE server. It has excellent performance, efficiency, scalability, security, and flexible configurations; as well as a robust 3 Year warranty that makes it suitable for every business environment.

    As intelligent compute foundations, the HPE Gen10 servers enable a broad range of operational models such as AI. The AI-driven functions that merge performance monitoring with cloud-based ML (machine learning) tend to optimize the product's performance to prevent any issues. Here are the primary specifications of the HPE DL380 Gen10 server:

  • CPU - 2 Twelve-core 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon;
  • Storage - No HDDs;
  • Memory capacity - (Max 3TB) 64GB DDR4 2;
  • Management - HPE iLO5 Standard with Gigabit;
  • Expansion - 6 x PCI-e Gen3 slots (up to 8);
  • Drive bays - Eight hot-plug SFFs (up to 30);
  • Array support - 1ADM, 10ADM, RAID0, 60, 50, 10, 6, 5, 1;
  • Network - Four Embedded Gigabit;
  • RAID - HPE Smart array S100i & P408i-a SAS3;
  • Power - Two 800 Watts hot-plug power supply units;
  • Warranty - 3 years;
  • HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server supports a maximum of 20 NVMe DRIVE, and multiple compute options. They have room for persistent memory and storage expansion which significantly increases performance for analytic workloads and databases. The standard design of the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server is aimed at reducing complexity and costs.

    These compute platforms accommodate multiple base configurations with exceptional storage flexibility for supporting diverse workloads such as cloud, big data applications, and virtualization. With an HPE DL380 Gen10 server, you can run both basic and mission-critical applications without challenges.

    What End Users Say

    Those who use the HPE ProLiant servers as the backbone of their business network say they have had an exceptional experience using these user-friendly servers with unbeatable flexibility, power, and performance.

    Other users claim the Gen10 servers are excellent platforms for core computing in data centers compared to the previous generations. When the need for new physical server hardware arises, they go for the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 because they run without issues and are easy to work with.

    HPE is well known for its impressive and innovative use of advanced technologies to make its servers better with every generation. HPE ProLiant servers are intelligent-compute foundations for a hybrid cloud that delivers unmatched workload optimization, automation, security, and an exceptional user experience. IT Yuda, as a trusted HPE supplier in Canada, offers various HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers specifically designed to meet your performance and business needs. Our experienced team is always ready to help you in choosing HPE ProLiant servers to upgrade, or custom configure your systems as well as the right HP hard drive for better server performance.

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