Reasons Why Your Business Should be Using Aruba Central

Reasons Why Your Business Should be Using Aruba Central

When you are running an Aruba system, the last thing you want to do is complicate the process around managing and monitoring your network. That is why so many leading IT professionals and small and medium enterprises use the Aruba Central system. This smart, simple, and secure system allows you to monitor your Aruba Instant Apps and Aruba switches easily. However, unlike other systems, Aruba Central is cost-effective and provides you with enterprise-grade management without the additional cost.

In addition to the management and monitoring that Aruba Central offers, the system also includes industry-leading analytics that ensures your business has the data and analytics to make intelligent and effective business decisions.

Whether you are on the run or in the office, Aruba Central allows you to monitor via your app or desktop. Simply put, Aruba Central will change the way you monitor and manage your system.

What is Aruba Central?

Aruba Central is a powerful cloud-based networking solution that offers unified network management and simplifies the deployment, management, and optimization of wireless, wired and WAN environments. In addition to the monitoring and management side, the system includes Aruba Instant access points that can self-organize into WLANs and are controlled by a single lead access point with an embedded controller function. The intuitive design allows you to essentially plug and play with no appliances to install or maintain locally, or in your data center. So how does Aruba Central work, and what are Aruba Central features?

Aruba Central Management Features

There are many impressive features with the Aruba Central system, but here are just a few to get you started.

- Unified management of SD-WAN, VPN, wireless and wired connections for streamlined and straightforward operations.

- AI-based insights to provide actual troubleshooting methods to ensure your network can operate at its optimized speed without any downtime.

- Easy integration with Aruba UXI to monitor the system and improve the overall user experience from management to junior staffers.

- A focus on security with advanced IDS and IPS threat defence management.

- Integrated location and contact tracing to help ensure your company remains safe.

- An AI-based search engine that allows you to enjoy a better and more accurate support experience without having to waste your time or energy.

- Onboard APIs and webhooks to allow you to integrate with your existing IT platform and your Aruba 6100 48G CL4 4SFP or Aruba 6000 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP 370W Switch.

- 24/7 live chat support in case the AI-based search engine cannot find a solution set that will solve your issues.

- SaaS, on-premises, and managed service options for a flexible financing option moving forward for your business.

Transform Network Management with Aruba Central

If you are looking to revolutionize how you manage your network, then Aruba Central is a great choice. Aruba Central was designed from the ground up to be your edge-to-cloud solution. The system itself looks to unify infrastructure for IT, internet of things devices, and operational technology devices in one simple to manage a network.

Aruba Central is not your average network management tool. With built-in AI troubleshooting, live chat support, and cutting-edge analytics, Aruba makes it easy to make defence, calculated decisions. It is about time that you enjoyed a powerful networking management tool on your desktop or mobile device, and with Aruba Central, that is possible.

Reasons Why Aruba Central Makes Sense for Your Business Today

There are more than a few reasons why Aruba Central makes sense for your business. Here are a few of them.

  • Control from Anywhere
  • One of the most significant Aruba Central benefits is that you can genuinely connect from anywhere. There is no longer a need for you to be chained to your desk to monitor or manage. Instead, you can connect with Aruba Central via the powerful app or your desktop, whatever is easiest for you.

  • Streamlined Network Operations
  • Aruba Central looks to eliminate the siloed approach that we have seen far too much in network management. Instead, from the single dashboard, you can assess the state of the network and look at both global and site-level details. This means from your phone or desktop, you can identify potential problems and zero in on issues that require a fix to ensure network stability is maintained throughout the workday.

  • Advanced Analytics and Assurance
  • Aruba Central comes with onboard analytics and assurances that ensure your network is working to its best potential. For instance, the onboard UCC analytics allow you to see a consolidated view of how VoIP applications perform with mean opinion scores and insights into RF performance and any potential capacity issues.

  • Automated Mobile and IoT Device Security
  • Aruba makes mobile and IoT device security a breeze. The system includes MultiZone, enabling a secure SSID separation without deploying additional access points throughout the area. Plus, MultiZone can also be used to separate IoT from other enterprise devices to ensure you can have a secure and straightforward deployment for all your mobile devices.

  • Easy Deployment
  • Whether you are looking for a simple networking solution or looking for Aruba Central for Aruba switches, Aruba Central makes deployment easy. There are no applications necessary on your local drive nor data center. Instead, it is fluid and easy to set up deployment across your entire company. Plus, you can practically deploy on a beach in Aruba with an easy-to-navigate and powerful app.


    If you are looking to find out more about how the Aruba Central system can work for you, it is time to contact IT Yuda, the leading Aruba supplier. As one of the leading networking equipment suppliers in Canada, our experts can help you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Whether you have questions on the best Aruba switch models or how to use Aruba Central, we have you covered. Let us get you set up and see why having Aruba Central on-premises is an excellent network management decision for years to come.

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