Modern Switching Meets the Edge: How Aruba Can Propel Your Business into The Future

Modern Switching Meets the Edge: How Aruba Can Propel Your Business into The Future

The Aruba Enterprise Networking portfolio offers a range of switches, from SD-WAN solutions that connect branch offices to the cloud to specialized switches that eliminate BYOD and lower customer support costs. These allow enterprises to quickly and efficiently grow their digital presence with customized solutions that enable collaboration, speed, and security for hybrid networks. The Aruba platform has been trusted by many of the world's largest organizations for decades and continues to lead the way in the industry as one of the largest global networking suppliers.

Wireless technology for enterprise customers

All Aruba wireless solutions offer mobility, security, and compliance, allowing enterprises to offer better services to customers. Aruba solutions are built to be secure, reliable, and scalable for distributed offices, hotels, classrooms, and campuses, in addition to being easy to deploy, manage, and support. Aruba makes it easy for enterprises to seamlessly communicate and collaborate, enabling employees to work, share, and be productive wherever they are.

Aruba delivers a truly end-to-end solution through its convergence of cloud-native solutions and management services that help enable Aruba customers to efficiently deal with today's new and complex network threats. By reducing complexity and ensuring consistent security across diverse hybrid networks, Aruba helps deliver business-critical services while keeping IT spending under control.

Power the IoT with Aruba CX Switching

Aruba, along with its industry partners, introduces a portfolio of switches to support key trends in IoT and edge computing. These new solutions are designed to manage IoT devices, increase performance for cloud services, and reduce the complexity associated with deploying and managing distributed services. These offerings enable enterprises to quickly bring solutions to the market that address new market needs.

Hybrid cloud for hybrid IT

Organizations are looking to deliver innovation on a hybrid cloud model that's equally resilient to those of the on-premises IT environment. Aruba delivers an unmatched hybrid networking platform that can enable this transition while ensuring high availability, security, and improved user experience in the cloud.

Edge computing

Edge computing is the ability to compute and store data closer to the end-user, reducing latency and improving real-time user experience. Edge computing enables enterprises to deploy microservice architecture with a high degree of flexibility, in a highly distributed fashion, and with a high degree of bandwidth. Aruba brings this hybrid IT approach to the edge with its complementary solutions and enables enterprises to develop a hybrid cloud strategy, as well as deploy distributed computing.

Enterprise Digital Workplace

Digital workplaces enable people and work processes to be more productive by improving collaboration across teams. Enterprises are rethinking the digital workspace, looking to transition from a desktop-centric organization to a more agile, flexible, mobile, and digital organization. Aruba is driving this transition by connecting devices and IT assets to deliver a more unified experience for users across hybrid and on-premises environments.

OS Excellence

Simplify network design and deliver a consistent operator experience by deploying the same hardware, software, and policies across the entire wireless infrastructure.

Cloud-native Automation

Cloud-native automation can improve your software's efficiency, programmability, and management. It reduces repetitive tasks and prevents configuration errors, enabling always-on networks.

Network Analytics Engine

Aruba Network Analytics Engine gives you real-time, network-wide visibility into your environment for faster troubleshooting and resolution of issues.

Switches for any enterprise environment

Aruba offers a comprehensive switching portfolio that includes access, aggregation, core, spine, and leaf switches. These access switches are ideal for enterprise environments of every size.

The Aruba CX portfolio is scalable, automated access with a choice of fixed ports or modular chassis based on non-blocking speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE. This gives you the flexibility to scale your network as needed. Access switches are available with industry-standard high-power PoE and HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports.

Aruba CX series switches like Aruba 6100 24G 4SFP or Aruba 6000 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP 370W Switch do not require additional software licensing or subscriptions. They support features such as stacking and advanced routing protocols like BGP. Aruba offers industry-leading warranties and global support services.

Reliable connectivity means you can get down to business

Aruba Instant On switches are affordable, simple, and secure, making them perfect for work from home offices and small businesses. They’re easy to set up and manage and can maximize performance across your network and devices.

This network solution offers rich management features, great scalability, and security. From IoT devices to wireless access points, gaming consoles, and PoE, you can connect and manage different devices on the network without impacting performance.

Without setting up a management infrastructure, you can remotely manage multiple sites and networks, distributed deployments, and multi-tenant deployments. Using the local Web UI, you can also manage Aruba Instant On switches.

As the wireless industry's leading supplier of innovative networking products for home offices, small offices, and small businesses, Aruba helps professionals and consumers alike enjoy a fast and secure connected lifestyle. From leading-edge home networking products to award-winning wireless security systems, Aruba's innovative solutions make it easy to stay connected and productive.

Aruba wireless networking switches are built for today’s rapidly changing technology landscape. With their small form factor, easy deployment, and simple management, Aruba switches provide the flexibility you need to achieve a smart, integrated IT experience across any endpoint and any deployment.

The complete portfolio includes everything you need to offer a connected home and work environment that is future-proof, from the simplest home Wi-Fi solution to the most powerful enterprise-class switch.

By offering a range of intelligent solutions for a rich, simplified, and dynamic IT experience, Aruba enables digital business and security advances to lead the way for all enterprises.

If you have any questions or would like a free quotation regarding the purchase of Aruba switches, our experts at IT Yuda are always ready to help.


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