Aruba 2530 VS Aruba 6000 - Which One Is Better in 2022?

Aruba 2530 VS Aruba 6000 - Which One Is Better in 2022?

Aruba CX 6000 switch series are designed as a direct replacement for the popular Aruba 2530 Switch Series.

Being the newer Layer 2 access layer switch, the CX 6000 offers more features and capabilities than the Aruba 2530 switches, but obviously, at the moment, the CX 6000 switch series are priced higher.

So, if you are looking to upgrade to Aruba CX 6000 series from the 2530s., is it going to be worth it? Or, if you are currently weighing between the two Aruba switches, which one is the better option in 2022?

In this post, you'll find the answer to these questions (and more), and here we'll share all the information you'll need about Aruba 2530 vs. Aruba 6000.

Why Aruba Switches

The maturing digital environment, as well as the global pandemic situation throughout 2020 and 2021, has significantly changed how organizations do business: remote working, collaborative work environments, non-routine schedules, and so on.

To summarize, more versatility is now demanded in the workplace, and employees are now expected to be able to work anytime and anywhere.

Aruba switches are optimized for these demands of the modern workplace with optimal security, wireless integration, and innovative technologies to ensure performance.

Investing in Aruba switches will also mean you'll gain access to the backing of Aruba Support Services. Aruba can help improve your team's productivity while staying on top of new trends in technologies, software update releases, and the ability to obtain fast troubleshooting and technical support.

Foundation Care for Aruba support services includes priority access to Aruba Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers 24/7, 365 days a year. Total coverage for Aruba products with onsite support options.

Aruba switches simplify ownership and bring peace of mind to its owners. No hidden costs and added complexities without any software licensing or subscription required, and a limited lifetime warranty for all Aruba switches.

The New Aruba CX 6000: an Overview

As mentioned, the Aruba CX 6000 switch series are released as the direct replacement for Aruba 2530 series, making it the newest entry-level switch series, ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as branch offices among other applications.

The CX 6000 is based on Aruba's new, cloud-native AOS-CX OS (Operating System), which is now powering all Aruba's new "CX" line of products.

Aruba CX 6000 series offers up to 379 Watts of IEEE 802.3at Class 4 PoE, complete with convenient built-in uplinks. With these capabilities, the Aruba 6000 switches can effectively connect and power modern IoT devices such as smart security cameras, sensors, and wireless access points.

Despite its powerful capabilities and a robust set of features, the Aruba CX 6000 switches are easy to deploy and set up. Users can choose between different control and management options from cloud-based and on-premise Aruba Central management solutions, web GUI, and CLI. This versatility allows businesses to choose the best manner of management according to the organization's unique needs and the existing network ecosystem.

Aruba CX 6000 vs. Aruba 2530: Key Differences

1.More Powerful OS and Platform

Both the Aruba 2530 series and the Aruba CX 6000 are access layer switches, but the CX 6000 offers static routing, which is unavailable on the 2530 switches.

Also, the Aruba 2530 switches are based on the older AOS-Switch operating system, while the CX 6000 utilizes the cloud-native AOS-CX OS.

The newer OS provides more simplicity with a seamless single operating model from edge access to data centers.

2. More Powerful Connectivity

Aruba 2530 switches offer 8, 24, and 48 GbE downlink ports, while the CX 6000 switches offer 12, 24, and 48 GbE ports. Some 2530 series models offer only two 1GbE uplink ports (some offer four ), while all Aruba 6000 series offer four 1GbE uplinks.

Aruba CX 6000 switches offer better enterprise-class access with 139W PoE-8/12 ports and 370W PoE 24 and 48 ports. On the other hand, 2530 switches 'only' offer 67W PoE-8/12 ports and 195W PoE 24 ports. Only the PoE 48 ports offer the same capabilities at 370W as the CX 6000.

3. Advanced Management and Automation Features

Both the Aruba 2530 and CX 6000 offer CLI and Web GUI management options, but the CX 6000 series offer Complete REST APIs for better programmability and versatility.

The CX 6000 also offers better configuration via Aruba Central Multi-editor and Aruba Net-Edit, as well as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for native central support on its Aruba Central cloud-based management solution.

4. Improved Security

Both the 2530 switches and the CX 6000 switches offer IPv4, IPv6, and VLAN-based Access Control Lists (ACLs), however, the CX 6000 series offer improved security in the form of MAC address-based ACLs.

Aruba CX 6000 Switches: Better Option in 2022

Being the newest entry-level switch series from Aruba, the CX 6000 switches are superior to their predecessors, Aruba 2530 series, with these key advantages:

  • Built-in 1GBE copper and SFP uplinks for better convenience
  • Simple deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning from start to finish
  • Enterprise-class, reliable, and secure Layer 2 connectivity with robust QoS, static routing support, and support for ACLs (Access Control Lists)
  • Better enterprise-class access with 139W PoE-8/12 ports and 370W PoE 24 and 48 ports. Ready for powering access points, IoT devices, and client devices.
  • Fan-less, compact 12-port models available, ideal for deployments in smaller work environments.
  • More versatility in control and management with intuitive Web GUI, CLI, Aruba NetEdit, and TPM-enabled Aruba Central software.
  • REST APIs for extra programmability, software-defined ready
  • Colorless ports, eliminating the complexity of moves, adds, and changes


While the Aruba CX 6000 switch series, being the newer products, are definitely superior to the Aruba 2530 switches, the answer to the question, which one is better, definitely is Aruba 6000 series.

The Aruba CX 6000 offers more robust security features, simplified network-wide management, more powerful enterprise-class connectivity features, and an easy-to-use single operating model despite the robust sets of features.

If you are looking to upgrade from Aruba 2530 to Aruba CX 6000 switches, the upgrade is significant and is definitely going to be worth it.

No matter which Aruba switch you choose, here at IT Yuda, we can help you in making your decision and making sure you are choosing the right network switch solution according to your needs and objectives.

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