5 IT Solutions for Small and Medium Business Owners

5 IT Solutions for Small and Medium Business Owners

Technology is constantly evolving. From big data, analytics, uploads, and download capabilities, small and medium-sized businesses require the best products and solutions on the market to remain competitive. Furthermore, with SMBs undergoing considerable changes in their business structures, technology is filling in the gap by revolutionizing these structural transformations. IT solutions for SMBs seek to increase productivity, enhance interactions with clients, increase growth, and reduce discrepancies.

Certain areas in the business, including cloud-based solutions and tools for remote work, have gained popularity to help support existing solutions. Today, SMBs require IT solutions, as they are instrumental in providing superior customer experience, improving operations efficiency, collaborating with business operations, and keeping employees connected.

IT Solutions for Small and Medium-Size Businesses

Explore these five IT solutions to power your key ambitions and help your business achieve its goals with limited resources.

1. Aruba Access Switches

Aruba Access Switches enable cloud, mobile, and IoT connectivity to deliver performance, automation, and built-in analytics to support current and future business needs. They have advanced fixed configurations Gigabits that enable consistent connectivity for small businesses whilst enhancing the performance of modern bandwidth's heavy applications. The inbuilt security features protect your network from external threats by blocking malware attacks and keeping unauthorized users away.

Aruba Access Points are automatically configured so that employees can plug them into any existing Internet connection, whether working remotely or on the premises. They connect users, Wi-Fi access points, and IoT devices to enhance flexibility in a wider range of WLAN environments, including indoors, outdoors, and harsh industrial environments.

Equipped with mobility controllers from Aruba, the multifunctional APs offer spectrum analysis to mitigate Wi-Fi interference through air monitoring for wireless security and acting as remote APs or part of the business's security mesh.

2. Aruba Wireless Solution

Aruba provides small businesses with affordable wireless solutions supported by limited IT resources. This wireless solution allows you to improve the performance of wireless networks by constantly monitoring parameters and using the data to switch mobile devices to access points and radio interfaces that provide the best services, even when roaming.

This wireless solution provides inbuilt controller systems that require professionals and take time to install if deployed separately. Aruba integrates the controllers into your wireless solution, making it easier to manage all your wireless devices from a centralized location in a fraction of time. In addition, it allows SMBs to skip the controller system , which can take up space and financial resources in purchase and installation.

3. HPE Server Solutions: DL360

Today's hybrid cloud-based solutions require a flexible software-based approach built on intelligence. HPE ProLiant server is an intelligent tool that delivers unmatched server automation, security, and optimization solutions by adopting an as-a-service protocol.

The advanced HP ProLiant DL 360 server is a 1U server that offers agility and flexibility without compromising security. It is part of HP's ProLiant line, which seeks to deliver high-performance technology capabilities for today's fast-paced business environment. In addition, the DL 360 offers greater compatibility with SSR4 memory, greater data transfer speeds, improved energy efficiency, and more module density, which offers additional RAM without requiring additional space.

It supports the Intel Xeon Scalable processor coupled with 2933 MT/s HPE DDR4 Smart Memory that offers up to 60% performance gain 1 and a 27% increase in core 2. HPE ProLiant DL 360 is fast and reliable with added performance and memory capacity. In addition, it provides an enhanced and holistic view of security within business operations from supply chain to end-of-life decommissioning. This happens through the deployment, monitoring, and automation of essential server lifecycle management tasks.

4. HPE Server Solutions: DL380

The HPE Server DL 380, the world's best-selling server, delivers performance with expandability and scalability. This server is integrated with a simplified but comprehensive management suite and industry-leading support to offer a more flexible, reliable, and secure infrastructure solution for accelerated service delivery.

The server is optimized for multiplication deployment on numerous capacities to significantly increase the speed to respond to business needs. With a comprehensive warranty, the server is ideal for any environment. It is distinguished by a 2U server, which translates to more space in the rack and greater scalability with more diversity. In the fast-paced business arena, this server supports fast data transfer speeds, allowing SMBs to save on power costs since they can invest in machines with low power consumption.

The HPE ProLiant DL380 is securely designed to reduce costs and complexity for small businesses. It uses the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family with up to a 71% performance gain and 27% increase in cores, in addition to the HPE 2666 MT/s DDR4 Smart Memory that supports 3.0 TB. It also has an adaptable chassis, including the advanced modular drive bay configuration option to support up to 3 double wide GPU options.

5. Cisco Industrial Switches

Industrial switches are high-reliability and cost-effective Ethernet switch devices designed for use in harsh industrial environments in energy, transportation, and mining industries. Cisco industrial switches form part of an integrated, converged Information Technology and Operational Technology Network that captures new opportunities and achieves greater efficiency as your network expands with end devices and sensors. Industrial switching for SMBs comprises of secure and easy-to-use switches, built for extending enterprise operations.

These switches provide secure connectivity across harsh industrial environments subject to shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperature fluctuations. As a result, these industrial switches improve the uptime, performance, and safety of industrial systems and equipment.

Leverage Technology for Business Growth

The new offerings of IT solutions provide an enabling environment for SMBS to compete aggressively in today's market. As the largest hardware distributor, we understand the best scalable solutions from Cisco and HP for your business to adopt the latest technology. Here at IT YUDA, we are energized by our small business customers' successes and are committed to advancing their efforts with solutions, guidance, and support in IT.

Call us today to learn more about IT solutions that will grow your business to the next level.

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