Cisco Wireless

With cutting the cord becoming more of the norm, the world depends on wireless technology to connect them. From start-ups looking to connect to perspective leads to small businesses who have excelled in their niche, today's business leaders demand a stable, reliable, and fast wireless connection to the world.

That is where Cisco comes in. Cisco has been the premier source for reliable, fast, and secure wireless networks trusted by governments, small and medium businesses for years. Loaded with the latest technology, Cisco wireless access points are as fast, if not quicker, than your standard wired network.

Cisco Wireless access points provide clients more than just a wireless network; they provide cutting-edge technology customized to your business's needs. Cisco has looked at the current environment and created a flexible yet secure set of solutions that will work with practically any sized business. Their host of access points comes with access to 802.11ac Wave 2, and the company offers a Cisco wireless controller and switching platforms that operate seamlessly.

Cisco makes your wireless setup easy with no more complicated setups, protocols, or networking headaches. With a Cisco controlled system, you will enjoy an ultra-fast system with plug and play capabilities. Here are a few of the highlights of the Cisco wireless systems we are proud to carry:

  • High-performing wireless access network, even on demanding channels.
  • Ability to see and prioritize traffic so that each app on the network receives the data and connection it needs to be run.
  • Wireless systems can easily be deployed outside of the office into mobile work locations or even the outdoors.
  • Seamless wired and wireless management of networks
  • Simple to understand mobile app development, onboard location tracking, leading analytics, and so much more.
  • IT Yuda has been a trusted Cisco dealer for years, and our team can help you with any of your wireless needs. Contact us today to help set up a fast, reliable, and secure wireless network for your company.

    • C9800-L-C-K9 -  Cisco Cisco Catalyst 9800-L Wireless Controller
      $8,295.00 CAD

      C9800-L-C-K9 - Cisco Cisco Catalyst 9800-L Wireless Controller


      Main Features L Wireless Controller Network management device 10 GigE 802.11ac Wave 2 802.11ac Wave 1 Wi-Fi 6 1U rack-mountable Built from th...

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      $8,295.00 CAD