Cisco Switches

Cisco switches connect and control all devices while offering significant boost in performance. Using a combination of Core and Access switches you can successfully build an efficient network. Making sure that all end user devices have enough power to operate efficiently and effectively is key. We will help you figure out the power consumption of devices such as Cisco VoIP phones, to make sure that each switch has enough juice to get through every user connected without drop offs. High-quality switches also help optimize network deployments.

Together with Aruba switches, IT Yuda offers Cisco switch options suitable for SMB customers as well as Enterprise networks. For existing networks, switches can offer upgrades that expand your infrastructure to meet increased business demands and loads being put on the network. Also for refreshes of whole networks, the latest switches will provide new management tools and throughput benefits to meet increasing data and usage demands. At the same time, Cisco switches are easy to deploy and manage without a large IT staff.

With the right Cisco PoE switch, it is possible to connect to a secondary power source and pass power on to any endpoint devices connected to the switch. A Cisco PoE switch offers more than just power and efficiency. These switches also help reduce lag times, which can make your business more efficient. Cisco Catalyst delivers enhanced network security, network reliability, and operational efficiency for SMB organizations.

Assess the Cisco switches and identify the right configuration for your needs. IT Yuda as a trusted Cisco supplier in Canada also offers additional options to go with the selections, including Smartnet and various types of licenses.

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